Growth Capital on the Blockchain

Introducing the world’s first revenue-sharing token designed to accelerate the growth of businesses.

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Why Corl?

Aligned Interests

Corl’s revenue-sharing model aligns entrepreneurs and investors to drive startup growth - no strings, no board seats, no forced sales.

Simple and Quick

Fundraising has never been easier or faster. Get approved and receive capital in 2 weeks or less.


Track Corl investments and progress in real-time through our investor dashboard.

How it Works


Share Revenue

Investors will receive a portion of Corl's quarterly profits.


Investors purchase Corl's revenue sharing token.


Straightforward Investment
Based on Revenue


  • Access to long-term growth capital within 2 weeks.
  • No dilution or personal guarantees.
  • Retain 100% control of your business.
  • Flexible repayment approach — pay as you grow.
  • Investment is capped between 1.5-2.5x return.
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  • Receive a continuous stream of quarterly dividends.
  • Access liquidity through crypto markets.
  • Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds.
  • Support emerging businesses.
  • Create more jobs.
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A Closer Look at Corl’s Revenue-Sharing Model

Our revenue-sharing model injects capital into businesses for a percentage of revenue. Repayment is linked to monthly performance, increasing for high-revenue months and decreasing during low-revenue months.

We focus on helping portfolio businesses grow sustainably; this benefits entrepreneurs, investors and strengthens the CORL token.

Payments go up & down based on revenue
  • Monthly Payment
  • Business Revenue

Simple Transparent Pricing

Corl’s revenue-sharing model has simple, transparent pricing so you know exactly how much you will pay back from day one - no dilution necessary!

Need Answers?

We've built a comprehensive list of FAQs. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the Corl Team directly.

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