Revenue sharing on the blockchain

The world’s first revenue-sharing token designed to support and participate in the growth of emerging companies.

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Why choose Corl?

Corl’s revenue-sharing makes it easy for investors to support the growth of emerging companies through a digital token and earn competitive returns.

Mutually Beneficial

Mutually Beneficial

Revenue-sharing aligns the interests of entrepreneurs and investors.

Simply and Easy Process

Simple and Easy Process

Fundraising and investing have never been easier. Request early access today!

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Track all revenue-sharing investments with a few simple clicks in real-time.

How it works?

The Corl token represents equity ownership in our company. We provide revenue-sharing financing to high-potential early-revenue companies. Our token utilizes blockchain technology to issue dividends to investors, while providing a transparent and KYC-compliant decentralized market for peer-to-peer (P2P) token transfer.

How revenue sharing works

Benefits to entrepreneurs and investors

A straightforward investment method based on revenue.



  • Access to long-term growth capital within 2 weeks.
  • Grow on your own terms without any dilution or personal guarantees.
  • Remain in full control of your company.
  • Flexible repayment approach—pay as you grow.



  • Receive a continuous stream of quarterly dividends, based on future earnings of Corl.
  • Earn up to 15-30% annually.
  • Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds through crypto assets.
  • Help support emerging companies.

What is revenue sharing?

Revenue-sharing or revenue based financing is a type of funding whereby investors inject capital into a business in return for a percentage of its revenue. The loan payments are tied to monthly revenue, going up for strong-revenue months and down for low-revenue months.

For investors, it provides the opportunity to access robust revenue potential. Mutually beneficial? You bet! At Corl, we know that when the interests of entrepreneurs and investors are aligned, that’s when true growth begins.

Revenue Sharing Chart

Simple transparent pricing

Our revenue-sharing structure uses a simple, transparent pricing model so you know your total commitment from day one without any dilution.

Got questions?

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