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We are combining two of the most recent disruptions in the online world: crowdfunding and blockchain. As a result, we are inventing a whole new way to make financing and investing in companies more intuitive.

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Reshaping the way companies access growth capital.

Founded in 2016 by a team of financial technology nerds, Corl is making it easy for companies to access fast, fairly priced, and entrepreneur friendly growth capital while providing investors with greater peace of mind. Hassle free and without giving up equity. By merging a previously under-utilized and innovative investment structure with the strength of blockchain, we’re proud to provide founder friendly growth capital to help entrepreneurs and investors reach their strategic and financial objectives.


What we’re about

Our philosophy is simple, entrepreneurs should have access to the capital they need to successfully grow their businesses at their own pace.

We like to consider ourselves as your long-term partner. We establish a relationships with your business. That’s why we call it Capital-as-a-Service; making capital available to companies as and when they need it.

At Corl we know that when the interests of entrepreneurs and investors are aligned, that’s when true growth begins.

The Team

Sam Kawtharani

Sam Kawtharani

Co-Founder, CEO

Derek Manuge

Derek Manuge

Co-Founder, CIO

KC Chan

KC Chan

Co-Founder, CTO

Member Of


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