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August 8, 2022

Pros and Cons of Revenue-Based Financing (RBF)

Whether you’re putting in your own capital, seeking out loans, or finding other methods to access funds, most companies need money in order to grow If you’re buying inventory, hiring staff, developing products, or...

Press Release June 28, 2022

Corl’s Fintech Powers NCFDC’s Women Entrepreneurship Loan Fund

Our partnership with NCFDC continues with the second round of DELIA, a...

Blog Post June 9, 2022

Top tech conferences remaining for tech/SaaS companies in 2022

Many startup events in North America are back to in-person this year, but...

Blog Post June 3, 2022

VC Funding is Drying Up — What’s Next for Tech Companies?

It’s no secret, in just a few weeks the high flying tech valuations of...

Blog Post May 24, 2022

How To Build a Team That Will Thrive

Building a great company means building a great team Whether it’s...

Blog Post May 12, 2022

Equity vs. Debt Investments: What are different capital options to consider for startups?

No matter what kind of business you run, at some point you’ll likely have...

Blog Post May 1, 2022

Entrepreneurship Series: As a start-up, when is the right time to seek investment?

If you’re starting a business, especially in the technology industry, it...

Press Release April 18, 2022

Corl Invests $650,000 USD to Help Jack Health Expand Nationally

Find the full press release here:...

Press Release March 14, 2022

Corl Announces $20 Million USD Financing From NAOS Finance for Growth of Its Capital-as-a-Service Platform

You can see the official Press Release by clicking HERE NAOS Finance...