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founders can launch a continuous securities offering based on a fixed percentage of their company's equity. Such offerings enable stakeholders to buy and earn convertible securities at any single time, directly from the company's website.

These convertible securities are called Rolling SAFEs (Rolling Simple Agreement for Future Equity). They are issued automatically whenever the demand exceeds supply and are priced algorithmically, based on investors' demand. The Rolling SAFE has wonderful properties:

  • Rolling SAFEs are programmable, enabling companies to create the automated stakeholders incentivization plan that is perfectly aligned with their company's objectives.

  • Rolling SAFEs are regulatory compliant instruments, the compliance being enforced on-chain (transfer restrictions, lockup periods…), bringing regulatory safety to issuers.

  • Rolling SAFEs are fully digital securities (ERC-20 compatible) that are tradeable on decentralized secondary markets and compatible with the whole decentralized finance ecosystem.

Fairmint enables companies to provide a unique investment experience directly on their website, without requiring any license. Indeed, by relying on the decentralized finance stack, companies don’t have to custody any fund or execute any transaction on behalf of their investors.

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Absolutely. No matter the size of your investment, we are happy to discuss and ensure you have your questions answered before you invest. Reach out to Michael Karpenko our VP, Investments at mkarpenko@corl.io. Chat soon!