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A straightforward investment method based on revenue. Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds through cyrpto assets.

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What’s important to you?

Investing in growing companies is a great way to put your money to work for both compelling returns and measurable impact. But it’s difficult for most investors to participate in this opportunity.

This is where Corl comes in.

Our Revenue Sharing (a.k.a Revenue Based Financing) investment fund is backed by a diversified portfolio of loans in emerging companies that are already operational and generating steady revenues – revenues that are used to pay investors like you.

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Why Corl?

Competitive Returns

Competitive Returns

Earn attractive returns by investing in markets under-served by mainstream finance and earn steady income with quarterly payments.



Private, fixed rate investments through blockchain offset your exposure to market volatility and improve diversification in your portfolio.

Support Canadian Tech

Support Emerging Companies

Investing in these businesses not only provides the opportunity to earn an attractive return, it also helps them grow, which in turn, benefits the ecosystem.

What you will be investing in?

Focusing on companies with promising growth rates, Corl is building a compelling portfolio that generates a steady stream of monthly income for investors. Simply put, Corl’s metric driven revenue sharing system is the ultimate opportunity for investors to align with innovative entrepreneurs.

Banks & traditional lenders haven’t adjusted to the opportunity presented by asset-light companies leaving a financing gap that is growing on monthly basis.

That’s where we focus. We provide growing companies with entrepreneur friendly financing while generating strong returns.

We do the heavy lifting so you can feel confident that your money is being invested for profit and in boosting the tech ecosystem.

Our team of experts performs rigorous due diligence  before funding any business.

We finance projects with:

  • Predictable & profitable customer acquisition
  • Experienced management team
  • Recognized revenues (invoiced and billing)
  • Growing recurring revenues
  • Scaling sales model that generates healthy gross margins

How it works?

A simple investment approach.

Investor Application

Investor Application

To comply with securities laws, we ask some basic information about your financial circumstances before participating in the token sale.



Approved applicants subscribe to the token sale by purchasing tokens using fiat, ether, or bitcoin. We’ll process your subscription online using our secure payment platform.



Hold on to your token and receive quarterly payments in the cryptocurrency of your choosing or trade it on our secondary market.

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